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Sales is Getting Automation Attention

As a manufacturing leader, you’ve likely heard a lot about the efficiencies and productivity gains realized from having a single digital thread… An emerging trend is to extend that thread to include your selling processes. Often leading trends seem like a no-brainer in hindsight. Integrating one’s sales systems into automated workflow(s) is just one of […]

sometimes posting is easy; SYSPRO helps things remain easy

Today’s post is easy; SYSPRO announced that once again “that it has once again retained its position as a Leader in the 2019 Nucleus Research ERP Technology Value Matrix for the third consecutive year.” So, today, we give proper respect to the people we work with. Congratulations, SYSPRO! Here’s to many more years of continued […]

WMS Voice Tech: Tried and true comes through

With so much going on with the advancements of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), it is easy to overlook “older” technologies when looking for solutions. Yet often the tried and true is just the WMS solution needed. I usually am not looking to the restaurant industry for articles of interest. However, I came across an article […]

ERP sophistication creates meaningful growth

In order to achieve the owners’ vision of using their shop as part of a community-focused nonprofit, Hastreiter Industries first had to achieve enough ERP sophistication to grow. This is a great article about a small, family-owned milling shop to an award winning enterprise that “more than quadrupled in personnel” in three years! And the […]

What is a Frankencloud?

It is so common for an enterprise/company to roll out something new in stages, or roll out upgrades in stages, I don’t think twice about it. Apparently, I’m not the only one — and it could be creating a monster. This quick-read article I found on the Smart Industry site is a great eye-opener to […]

Warehouse Productivity: A Two Way Street

Often when considering the processes of your warehouse inventory and supply chain management, all the concentration goes into getting quality products out the door in record time. One often hears the term speed to market when speaking about supply and manufacturing industries. In fact, speed to market is a key element when investment funds are […]

Best Practices Create ERP Efficiency

This morning, Elizabeth Quirk of Solutions Review posted a brief article about how to increase ERP Efficiency. You’ve heard us say repeatedly that ERP efficiency begins with the planning stage. As you are considering either moving to an ERP system or upgrading and expanding up your current one, clearly defining what issues are being resolved […]

The correct software is critical

I came across an article published yesterday in Modern Materials Handling by Roberto Michel, who starts off the question on a lot of people’s mind — is our ERP system still relevant? As technology continues to advance at an incredible rate the 90s, when ERP fist started exploding into industries, seems like ancient history from […]

Articles of Interest – Warehouse is the Word

Is it any surprise that we’re posting yet another synopsis with a warehouse as the main subject? It really is that time of the year. Warehouse is the word. Sometimes we post an article that captures our interest. The more we learn and know about the processes required for your business, the better we’ll be […]

Warehouse Operations reliant on Augmented Reality (AR)

Warehouse operations are prominent in the news and topics of conversation. It is obviously the holiday season. (Warehousing and logistics takes over, doesn’t it? Is there anything else right now?) Inventory and supply chain management is a big challenge, especially this time of year. I was just at a UPS store for a personal errand […]