ORG will help you get your SYSPRO interface customized and configured to enable your specific needs. The system’s modular approach allows companies to define how best to use SYSPRO technology to meet your exact requirements, and license only those components you need.

Management & Planning
  • Bulk Job Manager—You can use this utility create and close jobs for sales orders, in bulk, rather than one-by-one.
  • Pick List Generator—This program allows you to select multiple sales orders and create a unified pick list.
  • Lot Traceability Report—This report presents traceability data for one or more lots, for example, what purchase order the lot came in on, the sales order it shipped on, and associated certification data.
  • Deep BOM Report—This program walks all levels of a BOM in Syspro and generates a spreadsheet of key data items for all elements of BOM, such as supplier, supplier address, last price charged, and stock on hand.
  • Blanket Contract Manager—You can use this utility is for managing contracts that cover multiple products, timeframes and pricing.
  • Capable to Promise Report—This report enables Syspro users to commit to customer orders based on production or resource capacity, inventory, and procurement lead time.
  • Production Variance Report—This report analyzes the variance between predicted and actual production of a stock item.
  • Inventory Value by Date Report—This report shows the quantity and value of inventory on hand on a specified date, by item and/or warehouse.
  • CAD Importer—This utility reads standard CAD export data files and uses the information to build BOMs in Syspro.
  • Web-based labor posting—This interface allows labor hours to be applied to Syspro jobs via a Web browser interface, without having to log in to Syspro.
Distribution, Logistics, & Material Management
  • Consigned Stock Management—This program enables consigned stock management in Syspro. This is useful for companies that maintain a local inventory of high cost vendor-owned products or materials, for as-needed, immediate purchase. You can use it to manage a virtual warehouse of consigned goods: you can view consigned goods and transfer the from the consignment warehouse to inventory.
  • Supplier Split Planner—This utility eases the process of allocating purchases of an item to multiple vendors on a percentage basis. With the Supplier Split Planner, you specify the proportion of orders for an item to allocate to each of a number of suppliers, and the utility adjusts who you order from based on target ratios. after PO is generated, history is updated of which vendor was used.
  • Purchase Planner—You can use this utility to optimize purchasing to reduce shipping costs, by ordering in volumes that minimize the number of deliveries, and maximize utilization of shipping capacity.
Accounting, Finance, Sales, & Marketing

mERP iPad Order Entry for Syspro—mERP is a sales order entry application for Syspro ERP that runs on an iPad.

mERP provides mobile access to the customer, product, and inventory data from Syspro, so you can enter and book sales orders, anywhere, anytime.

mERP works even when wireless or cellular service is unavailable, because it has a local database of information about the products you sell and the customers you sell to. mERP’s on-board database is lightweight and current: it is selectively populated with the just the Syspro data you need, and it automatically syncs up with Syspro, via the mERP Server for Syspro.

  • Positive Pay Transmitter—This utility generates and transmits a positive pay bank file from Syspro’s cash book.
  • Sales Tax Updater—This interface automatically updates Syspro sales tax tables using data from Zip2Tax CSV files.
  • Price Adjuster—You can use this utility to apply bulk pricing updates to Syspro, at a more granular level than Syspro supports. For instance, you can apply different percentage increases to different products.
  • Quote Offer Interface—This interface allows a non-Syspro to view a quote, look at costing, and update offer pricing outside of Syspro.
  • Forecast Data Interface—This interface populates Syspro with sales and usage forecasts from an Excel spreadsheet and populates Syspro appropriately.