Successfully Challenged

We are all challenged when things aren’t going well; sales are down, product recalls, etc. We rarely consider the challenge of overwhelming success. This article by Jason Feifer, Entrepreneur magazine’s editor in chief, is about such an overwhelming success story – and how Melissa Ben-Ishay and her team analyzed data from their CMS and ERP system, reworking their system with an emphasis on organization so that orders are now completed in excellent time.

Like Ben-Ishay, you will probably spend time refining your CMR and ERP Systems so that they are fully functioning and supporting your entire business. You will be challenged; and it is well worth the necessary time and energy. Your business will grow exponentially – and be well supported for such “overwhelming success”.

(Lucky for you, you have a strong and experienced partner in this process with the ORG Team.)

How the Founder of Baked by Melissa Recovered From Her First Holiday Sales Disaster
Melisa Ben-Ishay talks about her first big mistake (during the holiday rush!) and what it taught her about prepping for sales spikes.
This story appears in the December 2017 issue of Entrepreneur.

The holidays can be a killer. For many entrepreneurs, particularly those in retail, the stretch between Halloween and New Year’s is when teams get stressed, systems get strained and even the smallest inefficiencies can amplify into crises. If a young company builds itself well enough to survive into January, it’ll be in great fighting shape for the rest of the year. If it can’t, it won’t. And that was the crossroads Melissa Ben-Ishay found herself in back in 2009.

Her New York-based company, Baked By Melissa, sells bite-size cupcakes. It had grown fast, and she thought she was ready for the holiday crush. On one of the first days of that season, she woke up at 3 a.m. to see how things were going. Holy shit, the orders are coming, she thought, and they’re not stopping. So she ran down to her fulfillment center to help out and discovered a disaster in the making: Her back-end system was buckling under the volume of orders. The whole thing would need to be scrapped. “We were basically at square one,” Ben-Ishay recalls.

It was about to be a long December. But by the time January came, she’d know what it takes to build a company into the future.

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ERP Helps Manage Safety & Quality

In this current age of social media as the main (re)source of news, as we see daily, bad news travels like a California wildfire. Product quality and safety has always been vitally important in business, especially in the food manufacturing industry. A company can drop big points, possibly falling off completely, from a bad batch shipped out. It’s not just the public backlash and outcry, there’s the very real penalties and fines that come from government regulations as well.

In Stephen Dombroski’s article, Keep the links in supply chain connected to boost food safety, posted in today’s Food Safety News, he speaks to the importance of “Food Safety Supply Chain Management”, and how these supply chain complexities can be accurately managed — especially as technology quickly improves to meet these complexities.

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Food safety challenges will continue to pressure food manufacturers as supply chain complexity grows and consumer preferences evolve. Manufacturers need to understand that with new and innovative processes and solutions such as Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and others synchronizing the supply chain while maintaining food safety is an achievable goal.