End of the Year: Procurement & ERP

The procurement processes in business as an industry sector has been known for at least half a decade. However, some industry leaders experienced push-back when attempting to address its challenges and implement it in business models. As people recognize that success is best achieved with breaking “away from the siloed ways” and integrating the different processes in to a holistic business system. To support such integration, decision makers are bringing onboard programming systems to help manage all the processes and responsibilities of different departments into one place. This makes it easier for the different departments and management to work together. It’s a win/win.

Dale Benton authored an article focusing on an interview with Nicky Hanson, a Senior Procurement Manager in South Africa. We think this is a good article to bring to your attention for two reasons:

  1. It addresses a topic still rarely addressed (business procurement) when considering ERP
  2. It’s an easy/quick read (It IS the end of the year!)

Happy New Year

We hope you appreciate this end of the year article/post. Here’s a taste of Hanson’s insights. I think you’ll easily see why we believe this is worth a few minutes of your time…

“The SAP model that is widely used was the correct model then but not for the industry today,” she says. “Back then it was purely financial but now we are looking at warehousing and distribution and vehicle fleets and a whole array of things that just didn’t work with that older model.”

“With new ERP systems now in place, it’s created other opportunities and benefits for business. If we can tap into those and open the business, the pricing will become better, the support will become better, and there will be a more structured flow.”

ORG wishes you a very prosperous and happy new year.

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Articles of Interest – Warehouse is the Word

Is it any surprise that we’re posting yet another synopsis with a warehouse as the main subject? It really is that time of the year. Warehouse is the word.

Sometimes we post an article that captures our interest. The more we learn and know about the processes required for your business, the better we’ll be able to hear your needs and support your growth. It’s what gives us expertise to help you succeed in your industry.

Inside an Amazon warehouse

Today, the Desert Sun posted an article about its tour of an Amazon fulfillment center in Moreno Valley, documenting what is required to ship millions of packages across the globe. It is an excellent overview of a very complicated process. The tour begins with “unloading goods from a truck into the warehouse”.

A lot happens in a highly managed manner — ending, ironically, with the same products now boxed and labeled, and heading “through the trucking bays” and back on to trucks to quickly arrive at “homes and businesses”.

It is a quick read. And it’s ending is what really caught our attention.

Four years ago, when the fulfillment center for Amazon opened, it was with cutting edge technology in place. But now, Amazon is getting ready to open a four-story fulfillment center that can handle two million square feet of inventory. Amazon is is implementing state-of-the-art technology, primarily with robotics  — along with an estimated hiring of one-thousand people.

And the facility toured in this article might be outdated when it opens.

The industry is growing exponentially. We hope you are ready for a prosperous new year.

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Warehouse Operations reliant on Augmented Reality (AR)

Warehouse operations are prominent in the news and topics of conversation. It is obviously the holiday season. (Warehousing and logistics takes over, doesn’t it? Is there anything else right now?)

Inventory and supply chain management is a big challenge, especially this time of year. I was just at a UPS store for a personal errand today and it was packed with boxes; returns & deliveries. I saw a lot of headaches in those piles.

As part of our ongoing commitment to service and support, we keep searching for new systems and concepts that are at the forefront of business management systems.

New Technology

We’ve mentioned in previous posts how Artificial Intelligence is helping propel automation and management systems. However, today a report summary was released that is addressing Augmented Reality’s (AR) “rising importance of augmented reality and technological advancements in logistics and warehouse operations.”

I have a personal interest in AR from gaming & film/video production. This is the first I’ve heard of it being a driving force in warehouse management technology and systems. The report states that increased importance in managing logistics is driving the implementation of AR.

The report states that Germany, France, China, and Japan are the current driving markets for AR implementation, however, “North America is expected to hold a prominent share of the global augmented reality in warehousing and logistics market during the forecast period.”

We’ll keep alert as this new technology continues to develop and grow. I don’t think it is ready for prime time for our client base – however, at the rate new technologies are continuing to develop, it might be just a couple of years before it is.

ORG will be ready.

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Heading Into 2019: 21st Century Warehousing

The end of year holidays, besides bringing good cheer and celebration, also brings the most challenging time of year for warehousing. Inventory space and efficiency, shipping, tracking — and the people responsible for warehouse management — all are severely taxed right now. As you may know, one of our team members, Aaron Wilker, is passionate about helping clients manage their teams at all levels of warehousing distribution and logistics. So it is a topic we keep our eyes and ears open about.

Technology advancements increase efficiencies

This year was a big year in advancing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Automation and robotics were at the forefront of conversations and round-table talks about the future of WMS. Another leading topic this year was Artificial Intelligence.

The times are changing; quickly.

Earlier this week, Eric Allais wrote an excellent article for the Material Handling & Logistics which gives a wonderful overview of “three of the changes we expect to see in the future warehouse, thanks to advances in robotics, artificial intelligence and shipping automation technologies.”

It is a quick read – and very compact and informative.

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