Best Practices Create ERP Efficiency

This morning, Elizabeth Quirk of Solutions Review posted a brief article about how to increase ERP Efficiency.

You’ve heard us say repeatedly that ERP efficiency begins with the planning stage. As you are considering either moving to an ERP system or upgrading and expanding up your current one, clearly defining what issues are being resolved and the desired growth you have for your company is key to success, the end result being an increase in reliability and efficiency in a way that fits your way-of-business.

Quirk states that today, due to an increased technology (AI anyone?) and higher demands by customers, the likelihood of an off-the-shelf solution is minimal.

The process of searching and evaluating an ERP solution is not as simple as it once was, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to ERP software. When thinking about the near future, it’s important to keep these fundamentals in mind while evaluating current ERP systems.

Quirk goes on to mention four other topics that are important considerations for increasing your ERP efficiency; Mobility, User-friendliness, Customer-centric, and Flexibility.

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Congratulations to the women of SYSPRO

Also, we’d like to congratulate Sandra Fraga, SYSPRO Corporate Chief Marketing Officer, and Dawna Olsen, SYSPRO USA Chief Marketing Officer, for being named to CRN’s prestigious 2019 Women of the Channel list.

ERP Affordability Dependent on Experienced Support for Success

Elizabeth Quirk’s article (Solutions Review), “Can Your Small Business Afford an ERP?”, opens with a wise piece of information:

Searching for ERP software can be a daunting (and expensive) process…

Elizabeth is stating that just searching for the right ERP solution for your company is challenging, let alone implementing, launching, and training your team to use a new business automation management system.

Getting off on the right foot — with the right team in place — is going to determine all aspects of success with your ERP. Even knowing the right questions to ask (Should we deploy our ERP on-site or deploy a cloud based system?) is extremely important for success… and getting quickly to the positive ROI that is promised.

Knowing the right questions is part of our expertise. It is why we highlight needs analysis as the very first step of our business methodology. Our efficiency and success is reliant on knowing your systems and the functions and solutions you are looking for.

Quirk continues with ideas in support of cloud based systems.

Success with SYSPRO

For ERP success, we have partnered with SYSPRO for many years. Earlier this month, they posted a good piece on how to make the right choice when moving forward with an ERP solution.

Between both articles, I think you’ll have a clear idea on how to get started with exploring moving your business processes into automated systems. Oh, yes, and by the way… we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

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ERP; a tool in the hand

I am starting to see a few cautionary tales about ERP. I find this trend refreshing. It highlights why we believe ORG’s methodology to be world class. The articles I’ve read this week continually point out two main areas of disappointment: speed of deployment and efficiency of running processes.

The article highlighted in this post is packed with good information if you are considering implementing an automated business processes management system, or upgrading a current one running. In fact, though a quick 3 – 5 minute read, I recommend this to all people considering an ERP for the first time.

The article is the first in a series about “industrial internet of things (IIoT), or Industry 4.0”. So it is really a cautionary piece about IIoT. However, it is using the 25+ years of ERP implementation that have taken place to understand project risks with IIoT.

There are bullet points in the article that we at ORG are keenly aware of; pitfalls often not spoken of out loud. Yet they are why we emphasize that the ORG team first listens to your needs and learns about your business processes when helping you implement or upgrade an ERP.

  • Keys to success include supportive management and employees.
  • Integration is hard.

The piece ends with this statement: “we understand that a tool in the hand of a skilled professional with competent direction can create some fantastic results”. Competent direction is one of the elements of our work we take great pride in. It is what often stands out in testimonials about Operations Resource Group.

So give us a call about the concerns this article raises. We have solutions.

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Leading Edge. Not Bleeding Edge.

2020 is a big year in a lot of business journalists’ reporting. It has been for some time. It has become an important business milestone. And now it is less then a year away.

This article is a quick read from Medical Developments. ERP is important in the health & medical fields. We have first hand experience, having helped a few with upgrades and new business system implementations.

Even if you aren’t in the medical industry, there is good information. Three important aspects of supply chain are called out:

  • maintaining environmental sustainability
  • seamless global operations
  • a digital supply chain

Those are three key departments of operation that automated business systems (ERP systems) help with, keeping companies operating on the leading edge. And if you want to be a world-class operation, being on the leading edge — not the bleeding edge — is key. That’s called out in this article, too.

It is a very quick read, worth the couple of minutes you’ll spend reading it.

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Cheers for Accounting

Business systems, whether automated or not, often forget to give importance and thought to the very department that is responsible for the financing of the systems: accounting.

I know from experience that we are upon the most challenging period in an accountant’s work life… tax time. This is the time when accountant’s can be found in the dark, cavernous holes — crunching numbers; doing their best to successfully make it through another fiscal year’s accounting.

You know there are no controls, really, but you just hope that’s not a problem and your company doesn’t get hit with a massive fine or a nastygram from the Internal Revenue Service.

So it is with celebration that we share this article from Accounting Today, bringing good tidings to the often thankless job of accounting.

With compliance-as-code, IT auditing resembles reliable and repeatable processes in finance like ERP systems, and turn error-prone manual processes into predictable, push-button workflows.

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Safety First: The Right Team

Just Ahead of Winter Fancy Food Show, SYSPRO Again Named in Food Logistics’ 2018 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers

Food Logistics’ annual list honors the software and technology providers that ensure a safe, efficient and reliable global food and beverage supply chain.

Our year is just starting – and the trade shows and industry support is happening. Anyone planning on being in our neighborhood for the San Francisco Winter Fancy Food Show?

One of the important concerns with food distribution is cost effective lot traceability. It is imperative to retaining trust with customers and food safety. We are pleased to celebrate our partnership and support with the SYSPRO platform, providing integrated business software for over thirty years. We’ve always thought they were best-in-class. It is good to see it acknowledged by others.

Call us and find out how the Operations Resource Group team and SYSPRO can support your business systems growth and implementation.

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