Increase: the good and the bad

…it goes without saying right now. There is a definite increase in people’s vigilance. Survival is key.

So today we have two articles to share with you; both about increase. As promised, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good

What does an international company do when they find that “there (are) gaps in how content (is) being stored and shared across the company”? The company in this article, Panova, moved to an ERP system that allowed them to utilize systems and platforms already in place.

Now employees easily access data that used to be in divergent locations. “Managers noted impressive gains in productivity, improved user experience for employees, enhanced file access and a reduced paper trail for the company as a whole.”

The immediate result from system integration? Panova accrued an increase of 400% in productivity gains.

We saw improved efficiency, more opportunities for future process improvements and, most importantly, a significant increase in productivity among our employees and their workflows. ~ Ehren Dimitry, president and CEO of Panova.

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And now The Bad

Yes, it is on everyone’s mind…the coronavirus pandemic has industry scrambling.

In an article today from Logistics Management, we quickly learn how challenged supply is as consumers rapidly stock up on goods. Empty shelves in major supply chain stores is normal. And the same is found in the local corner store.

And as author Rosemary Coates warns, “This is just the beginning.”

Small and medium size companies rely on China for manufacturing. They didn’t, and still don’t, have the resources to research and find other sources for manufacturing and supply.

Finding new suppliers, qualifying them, and scheduling production is no easy task.

Being resourceful is key to success. As Tony Robbins is quoted as saying, “It’s not the lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness that stops you.”

Coates warns that not factories in China are running about 25% normal—and delivery costs are increasing as the shipping industry continues to get hit.

(read complete article here)

So many systems

I just learned today that there are visitor management systems… a VMS? yep! Upon first look, it seemed like an automated system for the convention industry. The manufacturing sector is one of the key industries served. According to the Traction Guest site, “Traction Guest’s visitor management system is built to solve security and compliance challenges for manufacturing facilities.”

Security Systems

A primary focus of a VMS is security; both for visitors to a facility and for the host. Knowing where visitors are in emergencies, knowing the visitor is vetted to protect proprietary information, and compliance with regulations and laws—all handled with a VMS.

Visitors are just one concern for manufacturing, though. Lot traceability could be a large security risk if the ability to quickly recall a product isn’t readily available.

Deliver it today

We’ve stated several times via our posts that customers’ expectations for receiving a service or product has gotten tighter and tighter. Businesses are pushing hard to match “same day delivery” expectations set by competitors. With that kind of pressure, the ability to quickly track inventory is of upmost importance. How are companies dealing the the storage challenge in order to meet such expectations?

Can one system handle it all?

The thought of multiple automated systems is daunting. Multiple systems more often than not create problems instead of solving them. Established businesses often customize their systems instead of actually upgrading, or implementing a new automated system that takes advantage of cutting edge technology.

Again, security is a concern as automated systems grow as “a broadened attack surface could be an unintended outcome” of customized solutions.

Our Experience

Operations Resource Group (ORG) has been working with automated business systems for almost a quarter of a century. Next year we’ll be celebrating twenty-five years in the industry. Our solutions monitor, track, trace and communicate business and manufacturing activities and data throughout all your departments. And we know how to do it all with a singular system when appropriate. We also know how to implement customizations and brand new systems with your company’s security in mind.

Let ORG’s experience be your ally. Give us the task of assessing all the possibilities. We’ll work with you and guide the the solution that improve and that support your business processes.