Back to Business Challenges: Post COVID-19

“We all know that the world is going through a major change that will lead to us running our lives differently than we did BC (Before COVID). What some businesses are beginning to realize though is that their workforce will need to learn new skills AC/DC (After COVID/During COVID).” ~ Tiffany Gierke | SYSPRO

This week shows some real movement towards coming out of quarantine in the United States. For a lot of 2019, we saw a lot of articles and talk regarding automation, robotics, and AI in business operations – especially in warehouse management systems. Robotics, AI and AR has taken a large leap in implementation. Production and warehousing was struggling to their labor force before our epidemic situation. The pandemic actions for businesses this first and second quarter of 2020 only increased the dire need for human labor.

With pressures to keep the supply chain running for the health of the global economy, businesses are turning to automation with heightened urgency.

However, people are going to return to work; and it is not business as usual. Helping people learn the new skills of today’s operations is not just important for the returning workforce. Tiffany Gierke of SYSPRO points out that it is equally important for successful businesses. Valuable staff who could easily be re-skilled with operations will be lost if management does not put energy into their education and training.

Training and support is one the key aspects of Operations Resource Group’s methodology.

Gierke’s article is a succinct read supporting the importance of education and training for a returning workforce. And, as stated at the beginning of this post – hiring labor is a major challenge operations and HR currently face. The promise of increasing one’s skill-set, along with strict safety and health standards, is going to be important to those returning to work.

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As I was wrapping up this article, I was discussing this topic with a colleague. He mentioned the TESLA “Return to work playbook” as one of the best resources he’s seen as a guide for businesses post-COVID. It is; you can download it here.