A Sneak Peek Into the Benefits of ERP

ORG obviously believes strongly in the benefits of well thought-out and integrated ERP, CMS, WMS, and other business systems. Read more about online real casino games. What appears to be a simple process to an end user, might actually have a lot of integrated—yet fragile—systems in place to expedite to customer satisfaction.

We’ve been pointing out the quick manner delivery expectations have transformed the end-to-end customer expectation; and experience. A posting today from Marketing Technology Insights states:

Customers expect to be kept up-to-date on everything from order status—when it ships, when it will arrive, where it currently is—to how that order can be updated, exchanged or returned. As simple as that may sound, delivering this experience is not. Behind the scenes, companies are often required to integrate more than 39 different systems—across shipping providers, customer service, financial systems and more

With that kind of complexity to create smooth operations, the benefits of ERP are apparent.

Today I came across a brief and informative article from Enterprise Security Magazine: 5 Must-know Benefits of ERP Systems for a CIO. In the introduction, the article states that improved efficiency and productivity ultimately improves upon customer service.

The article then lists 5 ERP advantages that should be known when choosing or upgrading ERP systems.

  1. Visibility
    increased collaboration and smooth completion of work
  2. Customization
    picking and choosing components that work best
  3. Customer service
    build strong customer relationships
  4. Planning & Reporting
    easy access to detailed data
  5. Partnerships and workflows
    interdepartmental collaboration

The article ends stating that the benefits of ERP include employee interaction, allowing for proactive decision making and decreased operational costs.

I think this quick read (3 minutes) will gives grounded information to anyone considering updating or implementing business operation systems.

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