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Operations Resource Group is the heart & brain of consulting services in the ERP world.

project-management-planning-basicIn the ERP industry, the big boys don’t always take time to implement their products. Going bigger is not always better. You might end up with a bolt-on solution that solves some of your business needs. Maybe. You might end up installing it yourself. Not so much fun.

After careful analysis of the many software platforms available, ORG has partnered with Syspro. Syspro has continued to provide strongly tested and developed toolkits that allow for adaptability to fit your unique work processes. Syspro is an excellent ERP and CMS system – but it’s only as good as a company’s ability to work with it. Our part of the equation is to take responsibility for the ERP implementation process. We do the work and complete the task from end to end—from analysis through implementation through ongoing support.

ORG plays the biggest part in your ERP solution. We take a personal interest in your success. We understand that you don’t want to pay for the world’s most expensive education. Our job is to apply our software solutions to your business and working environment in a manner that will meet or exceed your expectations. Anything less is unacceptable.

With ORG you can expect comprehensive solutions that meet all your business needs.

It is my pleasure to recommend Julia Maynard. Her unrelenting persistence and depth of SYSPRO knowledge is unsurpassed. Julia has an uncanny sense for deeper problem solving and collaborative partnering. When a task is at hand, she is committed to complete, on time with your targeted results.

I trust Julia with our business and our client’s needs. Trust in this industry is hard-earned and not handed over.

Julia is great to work with and has a high level of product knowledge. She listens when you describe your processes, probes when necessary, and provides options for handling unique needs within the system. She responds quickly to questions, especially those posed outside scheduled meeting times. Working with Julia was the best system implementation experience I have had, and her continued support as I need it is especially important. Julia is a true partner.

To manage all those processes, I realized we had to move to a different platform. We need to have the right tools to support growth.

Though the stresses were high and the ERP requirements list was comprehensive and daunting, SYSPRO ERP more than met the company’s needs when the software was acquired in 2009. After implementing SYSPRO we… improved our inventory processes substantially – we knew when to order, when to manufacture and when to ship.

SYSPRO Premium Partner