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Is it any surprise that we’re posting yet another synopsis with a warehouse as the main subject? It really is that time of the year. Warehouse is the word.

Sometimes we post an article that captures our interest. The more we learn and know about the processes required for your business, the better we’ll be able to hear your needs and support your growth. It’s what gives us expertise to help you succeed in your industry.

Inside an Amazon warehouse

Today, the Desert Sun posted an article about its tour of an Amazon fulfillment center in Moreno Valley, documenting what is required to ship millions of packages across the globe. It is an excellent overview of a very complicated process. The tour begins with “unloading goods from a truck into the warehouse”.

A lot happens in a highly managed manner — ending, ironically, with the same products now boxed and labeled, and heading “through the trucking bays” and back on to trucks to quickly arrive at “homes and businesses”.

It is a quick read. And it’s ending is what really caught our attention.

Four years ago, when the fulfillment center for Amazon opened, it was with cutting edge technology in place. But now, Amazon is getting ready to open a four-story fulfillment center that can handle two million square feet of inventory. Amazon is is implementing state-of-the-art technology, primarily with robotics  — along with an estimated hiring of one-thousand people.

And the facility toured in this article might be outdated when it opens.

The industry is growing exponentially. We hope you are ready for a prosperous new year.

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