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Systems Advisory Services (SAS) Acquires Operations Resource Group (ORG)

Press Release September 1, 2023   Systems Advisory Services (SAS) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Operations Resource Group (ORG) effective August 31, 2023. ORG is a 25+ year successful SYSPRO VAR providing technology solutions supporting small to mid-sized businesses, helping them streamline system operations, efficiencies and optimum growth. With a core focus on […]

Four ways Cloud is changing the ERP channel landscape

(reposted from SYSPRO USA) The ERP channel landscape is transforming. While on-premises ERP deployments are still more common than one might think among mid-market manufacturers and distributors, Cloud ERP deployment has rapidly accelerated. According to Panorama Consulting’s ERP Report, in 2019 44% of companies deploying ERP chose the cloud but by 2022 this increased to […]

All The Best, Richard!

ORG would like congratulate Richard Linsdall on his retirement. We are certain, from knowing Richard for many years, that he will be extremely successful in his new chapters and endeavors – which we hope includes RnR. We would also like to extend our gratitude and thanks for the years of support we’ve received from Richard. […]

Harness the Power of SYSPRO with AP Automation

AP automation for SYSPRO means leveraging the power of your ERP to reduce costs, drive efficiency, and create visibility in a crucial back-end document process. Investing in an ERP system like SYSPRO can seem like the pinnacle of digital transformation (DX) accomplishment. After all, you’ve centralized your entire organization with a planning and communications tool […]

CRM for SYSPRO Improved

SYSPRO just announced their latest release of their CRM enhancements. What is CRM? CRM for SYSPRO is a feature-rich, enterprise-class solution that allows customers to strengthen relationships across the entire supply chain. The solution provides access on the go through mobile responsive forms or from a standard browser. The 360° view of each relationship, including […]

CAPTEK’s VP Supply Chain

Tom Griffin is CAPTEK® Softgel International’s VP Supply Chain and has worked with ORG/Julia for almost 20 years. I spoke with him about the advantages of using an ERP system – and what value Julia and the ORG Team bring to his business priorities. CAPTEK™ Softgel International is a privately-owned, full-service contract manufacturer of custom […]

The Future is… Communicating and working together

I dislike attempting to predict the future; it seems like misplaced energy to me. Concentrating positively on current realities is the best way to show responsibility for the future. Anyone who’s communicated adamantly about the future has usually eaten their words in my experience. So… why am I posting about the future? Well, first off, […]

Planning your ERP transition

According to a recent global survey conducted by SYSPRO, 60% of manufacturers and distributors were impacted by supply chain disruptions due to operational shifts brought on by COVID-19. 47% of businesses surveyed were unable to function due their reliance on an in-person/on location workforce. Many of the participating businesses expressed transitioning to emerging ERP technologies […]

A toast! (2020 wrap-up)

Our end of year wrap-up. Well, friends, family, compatriots… it’s been quite a year. It is a year that will be remembered for a long time… which sounds a bit trite in my ears as I write it; however – I’m compelled to join the chorus; what a year it has been! ORG has continued […]