Increase ERP Efficiency

Best Practices Create ERP Efficiency

This morning, Elizabeth Quirk of Solutions Review posted a brief article about how to increase ERP Efficiency.

You’ve heard us say repeatedly that ERP efficiency begins with the planning stage. As you are considering either moving to an ERP system or upgrading and expanding up your current one, clearly defining what issues are being resolved and the desired growth you have for your company is key to success, the end result being an increase in reliability and efficiency in a way that fits your way-of-business.

Quirk states that today, due to an increased technology (AI anyone?) and higher demands by customers, the likelihood of an off-the-shelf solution is minimal.

The process of searching and evaluating an ERP solution is not as simple as it once was, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to ERP software. When thinking about the near future, it’s important to keep these fundamentals in mind while evaluating current ERP systems.

Quirk goes on to mention four other topics that are important considerations for increasing your ERP efficiency; Mobility, User-friendliness, Customer-centric, and Flexibility.

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Congratulations to the women of SYSPRO

Also, we’d like to congratulate Sandra Fraga, SYSPRO Corporate Chief Marketing Officer, and Dawna Olsen, SYSPRO USA Chief Marketing Officer, for being named to CRN’s prestigious 2019 Women of the Channel list.

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