Black Friday rush

Black Friday Means Inventory Management

Black Friday: We are into the part of the year when most retail business happens. I’ll never forgot a friend telling me many years ago (was it really that long ago?) that his retail store relied on 3 months – that were make or break. He expected 90% of his year’s sales to take place in the last quarter.

Can you take a breath come January 1st? Of course not, because now you are dealing with holiday returns! With that kind of surge in inventory, all business systems should be operating at optimal level. And we know that customers are expecting tighter inventory management—deliveries and returns—than ever before. This expectation might be keeping more than a few warehouse managers awake at night.

I think most will agree, automated systems are a given in inventory management.

In honor of this season of giving (que snoopy laughing), we have a free gift; an eBook from our partners at SYSPRO.

Inventory Management eBook

This SYSPRO eBook nicely explains the benefits an ERP System for Inventory Management will bring to your growing business, such as:

  • Support for product traceability
  • Movement and distribution
  • Valuation and costing
  • Planning and forecasting, and more

I think you’ll appreciate the simple manner complex responsibilities of inventory management are explained. Is pricing and sales a part of your business’ ERP system? In this eBook you’ll learn about how SYSPRO offers the Trade Promotion Management (TPM) module which takes the guess work out of this important strategic decision. What about inventory unsold at the end of the financial year? The TPM module helps keep your inventory in check.

Take a look at this book, and Happy Black Friday.

(Download eBookManaging Inventory with ERP )

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