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End of the Year: Procurement & ERP

The procurement processes in business as an industry sector has been known for at least half a decade. However, some industry leaders experienced push-back when attempting to address its challenges and implement it in business models. As people recognize that success is best achieved with breaking “away from the siloed ways” and integrating the different processes in to a holistic business system. To support such integration, decision makers are bringing onboard programming systems to help manage all the processes and responsibilities of different departments into one place. This makes it easier for the different departments and management to work together. It’s a win/win.

Dale Benton authored an article focusing on an interview with Nicky Hanson, a Senior Procurement Manager in South Africa. We think this is a good article to bring to your attention for two reasons:

  1. It addresses a topic still rarely addressed (business procurement) when considering ERP
  2. It’s an easy/quick read (It IS the end of the year!)

Happy New Year

We hope you appreciate this end of the year article/post. Here’s a taste of Hanson’s insights. I think you’ll easily see why we believe this is worth a few minutes of your time…

“The SAP model that is widely used was the correct model then but not for the industry today,” she says. “Back then it was purely financial but now we are looking at warehousing and distribution and vehicle fleets and a whole array of things that just didn’t work with that older model.”

“With new ERP systems now in place, it’s created other opportunities and benefits for business. If we can tap into those and open the business, the pricing will become better, the support will become better, and there will be a more structured flow.”

ORG wishes you a very prosperous and happy new year.

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