ERP; a tool in the hand

I am starting to see a few cautionary tales about ERP. I find this trend refreshing. It highlights why we believe ORG’s methodology to be world class. The articles I’ve read this week continually point out two main areas of disappointment: speed of deployment and efficiency of running processes.

The article highlighted in this post is packed with good information if you are considering implementing an automated business processes management system, or upgrading a current one running. In fact, though a quick 3 – 5 minute read, I recommend this to all people considering an ERP for the first time.

The article is the first in a series about “industrial internet of things (IIoT), or Industry 4.0”. So it is really a cautionary piece about IIoT. However, it is using the 25+ years of ERP implementation that have taken place to understand project risks with IIoT.

There are bullet points in the article that we at ORG are keenly aware of; pitfalls often not spoken of out loud. Yet they are why we emphasize that the ORG team first listens to your needs and learns about your business processes when helping you implement or upgrade an ERP.

  • Keys to success include supportive management and employees.
  • Integration is hard.

The piece ends with this statement: “we understand that a tool in the hand of a skilled professional with competent direction can create some fantastic results”. Competent direction is one of the elements of our work we take great pride in. It is what often stands out in testimonials about Operations Resource Group.

So give us a call about the concerns this article raises. We have solutions.

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