ERP Helps Manage Safety & Quality

In this current age of social media as the main (re)source of news, as we see daily, bad news travels like a California wildfire. Product quality and safety has always been vitally important in business, especially in the food manufacturing industry. A company can drop big points, possibly falling off completely, from a bad batch shipped out. It’s not just the public backlash and outcry, there’s the very real penalties and fines that come from government regulations as well.

In Stephen Dombroski’s article, Keep the links in supply chain connected to boost food safety, posted in today’s Food Safety News, he speaks to the importance of “Food Safety Supply Chain Management”, and how these supply chain complexities can be accurately managed — especially as technology quickly improves to meet these complexities.

Read the full article here.

Food safety challenges will continue to pressure food manufacturers as supply chain complexity grows and consumer preferences evolve. Manufacturers need to understand that with new and innovative processes and solutions such as Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and others synchronizing the supply chain while maintaining food safety is an achievable goal.

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