ERP sophistication creates meaningful growth

In order to achieve the owners’ vision of using their shop as part of a community-focused nonprofit, Hastreiter Industries first had to achieve enough ERP sophistication to grow.

This is a great article about a small, family-owned milling shop to an award winning enterprise that “more than quadrupled in personnel” in three years!

And the best part? Their growth came from the vision of the owners to “use their business to make an impact in society, which led them in 2013 to begin donating 50% of the company’s net profit annually”.

Implementing a mentorship program as part of their philanthropic vision. What they found is the company needed to grow to have the sufficient workload to actualize their vision.

A vision of expansion required an overhaul of long-trusted and organically developed systems of enterprise and resource management.

It was apparent from analysis that an ERP system to manage accounting and shopfloor performance on a far more robust level then they could currently operate at.

Part of the main criteria they had for finding the correct system was:

  • Track times and costs of individuals jobs efficiently,
  • Lay the foundation for gaining ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications, and
  • Gain full data visibility and live shopfloor status.

This is an excellent feel-good story of success… with some great insights to choosing an ERP system wisely, so that you, too can experience, “minimal strain, allowing (your) company to take growth at its own pace with scalable systems”.

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