ERP Success in Chicago

ERP Success in Cook County (Chicago)

October always brings to mind scary stories (ode to Halloween) so I appreciated coming across this positive story from StateScoop regarding their new ERP system. I especially appreciated it since the story was loaded with potential horrors:

    • 10 years in the making
    • operations (upgrades, patches, etc.) that had languished for decades
    • eight separate ERP systems
    • mostly undocumented processes & protocols

Seriously — no patches since the original installs twenty years ago!

If that isn’t recipe for disaster — a real life ERP horror show — I don’t know what is!

Their reasons for delay are what we find a lot of people hold; all which seem to fundamentally point to “not ready yet”. As this story from StateScoop shows, that reasoning can go on forever. And then you have a rats’ next to untangle as part of the process of implementing an enterprise resource system.

Luckily, this story ends well (spoiler alert) with the chief information officer declaring the project an “unmitigated success” and “all of the county’s 22,000 employees sit(ting) on a common ERP”.

(click here to read full story)

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