Heading Into 2019: 21st Century Warehousing

The end of year holidays, besides bringing good cheer and celebration, also brings the most challenging time of year for warehousing. Inventory space and efficiency, shipping, tracking — and the people responsible for warehouse management — all are severely taxed right now. As you may know, one of our team members, Aaron Wilker, is passionate about helping clients manage their teams at all levels of warehousing distribution and logistics. So it is a topic we keep our eyes and ears open about.

Technology advancements increase efficiencies

This year was a big year in advancing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Automation and robotics were at the forefront of conversations and round-table talks about the future of WMS. Another leading topic this year was Artificial Intelligence.

The times are changing; quickly.

Earlier this week, Eric Allais wrote an excellent article for the Material Handling & Logistics which gives a wonderful overview of “three of the changes we expect to see in the future warehouse, thanks to advances in robotics, artificial intelligence and shipping automation technologies.”

It is a quick read – and very compact and informative.

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