Impact on Customer Experience (CX) is Primary Concern

Delivering Customer Experience in the Supply Chain

By Phil Britt

Supply chain manager’s main focus is on keeping costs low — or at least, that’s what many assume. Yet according to research commissioned by BluJay Solutions in partnership with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), that’s not the case. According to more than 400 supply-chain professionals from across manufacturing, retail and logistics service providers (LSPs), impact on customer experience (CX) is their primary concern.

However, depending on the exact business, the supply chain could have several steps between the acquisition of the raw materials and the delivery of the end product. So delivering CX throughout the process is more complex than simple communications with an end customer.

Importance of Data Quality
“Consumer loyalty is earned or lost in this exchange, so prioritizing product data quality programs is essential.”

Supply Chain Transparency Is Key
“Pair your warehouse management system with delivery tracking, and your customer can follow their delivery from start to finish, once more enabling you to offer a better service.”

Customers Look for Speed, Quality and Consistency
“Consumer demand is insatiable and driving increased pressure on global supply chains to react accordingly if businesses wish to succeed.”

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