Leading Edge. Not Bleeding Edge.

2020 is a big year in a lot of business journalists’ reporting. It has been for some time. It has become an important business milestone. And now it is less then a year away.

This article is a quick read from Medical Developments. ERP is important in the health & medical fields. We have first hand experience, having helped a few with upgrades and new business system implementations.

Even if you aren’t in the medical industry, there is good information. Three important aspects of supply chain are called out:

  • maintaining environmental sustainability
  • seamless global operations
  • a digital supply chain

Those are three key departments of operation that automated business systems (ERP systems) help with, keeping companies operating on the leading edge. And if you want to be a world-class operation, being on the leading edge — not the bleeding edge — is key. That’s called out in this article, too.

It is a very quick read, worth the couple of minutes you’ll spend reading it.

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