Like a Good Neighbor

At ORG, we want to be a good neighbor. It is not just business, streamlined systems, and the thrill of an easily accessible, automated business intelligence report that we’re passionate about, ORG supports our family, friends, and neighbors, too.

When Brian Pearce was 11 years old, his parents purchased a home next door to Julia Maynard in Oakley. Brian had a personal passion – racing. In 2001 he started and the following year Pearce earned the Antioch Speedway “Rookie Of The Year” award. In 2003, Pearce and his team won their first feature race at the Chowchilla Speedway. However, the team “took the next ten years off” so he could actively participate in raising his three children.

Back on Track

The team returned to the tracks last year with an IMCA SportMod. Now, the Brian Pearce Racing Team is running IMCA Modifiers with car #15. Brian is back in the circuit! I’ll let Brian tell the rest:

It takes a lot of help to get to run one of these cars and I had posted on Facebook looking for a little help to be able to run for points at Merced Speedway. Julia reached out to help. It was really awesome for her to do that. I use the funds towards tires, parts and entry fees.

We raced at a few different tracks in California this year. I finished 2nd in the championship point standings at Merced Speedway. We finished in the top 5 eight times, in the top 10 twelve times, and finished every race. We are planning on racing in Bakersfield Speedway this weekend for the 33rd annual Budweiser Nationals. The second week of November we’ll be headed to the dirt track in Las Vegas for the 21st annual Duel in the Desert that pays $7777.77 to win.

And that’s why, if you happen to be catching an IMCA race, you might see the ORG logo speeding around the track with our good neighbor and friend, Brian Pearce, his team, and car #15.

We not only support business enterprises, we are here for our friends and neighbors. Good luck #15!!

“Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up.” Romans 15:2

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