How long would it take you to inform your customers of exactly which shipments contain bad parts?

How would a massive product recall affect your profit margins?

Lot Traceability enables you to maximize quality control through the tracking and replacement of any defective materials, allowing you to track several units of a stock item using the same lot or batch no. A User can determine what can be purchased or sold by Lot status. Expiry dates and user defined statuses allow you to further control the stock item. You cannot sell stock items that have reached or passed their expiry date. This is especially true for Food and Beverage manufacturers, who often are not permitted to deliver to their customers within a specified number of days before the expiry date is reached.

  • Maintain a history of traceable items for accountability and customer service follow-up
  • Keep detailed notes about inspections
  • Trace semi-finished or finished products from the supplier of raw materials through to the customer
  • Archive information on traceable items to conserve disk resources