Enterprise Resource Planning

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ERP is what we do and why we’re here.

Operations Resource Group (ORG) is a leading provider of ERP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that will streamline the growth of your business. ORG has developed an implementation methodology which promotes a systematic approach to delivering a new ERP system quickly and efficiently. We embrace the philosophy that eliminating as many middle layers or steps as possible will optimize performance and efficiency in any process.

Our Process:

  • needs analysis

    This is where we work with you to gain a complete understanding of your needs. We’ll be defining who your users are, defining their tasks and goals and their experience levels. You’ll be showing us what functions you want and need from a system and how you think the system should work.

  • Project Administration

    This section is for the development of project documents, provide project status updates, attend status meetings, project team communications and coordination of resources. From your communicating your needs, ORG creates a detailed and well-planned Project Management Plan.

  • Joint Application Design (JAD)

    The JAD process is the heart of the Project. Sessions are scheduled with various subject matter experts to ascertain the setup and requirements for each module being implemented on the Project based on the specific business processes in place. This ensures timely delivery, achievement of business objectives, and building positive communications and relationships.

  • Module Setup/Configuration

    Once all of the business processes and module setup are determined, it is time to build the Q/A ERP environment for your specific usage. This will allow for the structure of the system to be created and ready for the entry of master records. It also ensures that everything is working before it is implemented into your live systems/environment.

  • Data Migration

    Templates are delivered with the layout of files for the upload of certain specific data elements. ORG assists you in creating the files from the current system based upon the new templates. We then convert the files into the established structures. Next? …

  • Pilot System Review

    Now that the software has been installed, configured and data has been populated, the Pilot process begins in order to “prove” out the business process, adjust data import fields, make changes to module configurations and review reporting and other needs that may be uncovered in the Pilot review process.

  • Training & Support

    Once the processes, data records or configuration changes have been made through the Pilot review sessions, training can take place in a copy of the production environment for your users to “play” in a sandbox environment.

  • Go Live

    Once the switch has been “flipped” to have a live system, we won’t expect you to have remembered everything in the training process. We will be there onsite with your staff when you start to process live transactions. This ensures a smooth transition into your new system. And we don’t “fold-up shop” and disappear; ORG is with you as long as you need support.

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