Sales is Getting Automation Attention

As a manufacturing leader, you’ve likely heard a lot about the efficiencies and productivity gains realized from having a single digital thread… An emerging trend is to extend that thread to include your selling processes.

Often leading trends seem like a no-brainer in hindsight. Integrating one’s sales systems into automated workflow(s) is just one of those no-brainer insights. Yet, it is an idea that is fairly new.

I first saw it in action when I was exploring the recent launch of SharpSpring’s Sales Optimizer, putting workflow process learned from their inbound marketing tools to work for direct sales management.

Today I come across it again in an Automation World article, Why Start Your Digital Transformation Now (Part One)?.

This article is tackling complicated process analysis, and breaking it down into bite-size pieces.

Civilization, Ho!

The fact is, technology is actually complicating the relationship for B2C operations. There are more means of final distribution to a waiting customer then ever before. And what makes it even more challenging? The demand for instant delivery is becoming common place.

Manufacturing Workforce Exodus

The median age of a manufacturing worker today as closing in on 45, which means half are older. Replacing these workers with new technology (which improves the workforce’s productivity, so fewer employees are needed) and the Millennial workforce is vital to any manufacturer’s continued success.

This article is worth taking notice of. Automating your business systems is less of a choice these days — it’s a requirement.

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