The Payoff; Saving Time

The warehouse’s role in business is changing rapidly due to the rapid increase in how sales are taking place. Traditional brick-and-mortar operations for B2B and B2C transactions are rapidly becoming completely digital operations — and automation has been at the forefront of conversations at expos and online resources, blogs, etc. A lot of promises are made with the money and time saving ROI that will occur when one implements a warehouse management system (WMS).

Often the risks of large investments of time and money make one wary of moving forward with a WMS. Early October, we announced that we helped Westside Equipment go online with a WMS.

We are happy to announce that by using the WMS from Csoft/ Dynamisoft, Westside Equipment completed their initial count of close to 7,800 different line items within two and a half days; a task that would normally take about a week using paper.

Congratulations, Westside Equipment, for such a quick ROI. It is an honor to work with you.