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The correct software is critical

I came across an article published yesterday in Modern Materials Handling by Roberto Michel, who starts off the question on a lot of people’s mind — is our ERP system still relevant? As technology continues to advance at an incredible rate the 90s, when ERP fist started exploding into industries, seems like ancient history from a technical viewpoint. The big buzz addressed in this article is Omnichannel Order Fulfillment (or omni-channel, as spelled in MMH), and whether or not an ERP system is now appropriate for managing necessary fulfillment processes for competitive edge.

Addressing potential issues with legacy ERP systems, Michel states right at the beginning, “ERP solutions that have evolved to include functionality in areas like WMS, or ERP providers that have aimed from the get-go at targeting omni-channel environments, ERP remains vital”.

One of the elements that attracted me to this article, besides omnichannel fulfillment, was Michel quoting Ray Rebello, director of product marketing for Acumatica, which is one of the systems we support.

If you are considering upgrading and implementing new systems into your ERP, or perhaps you’ve grown and are ready to explore an ERP/WMS system for your company, you’ll find this article very educational.

(link for complete article)

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