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What is your 2020 vision?

It is the final stretch of 2019; 2020 is just weeks away. Notoriously, this is a time when predictions of all kinds start getting posted. We’ve been posting a lot about AI and more automation in warehousing, financials, and customer relationship.

We happened to be pursing some content and found this article from down under: 8 CIOs reveal top line predictions for 2020. No surprise that AI and automation are top of mind with these interviewed CIOs.

What caught my attention were two items mentioned by Rohan Penman of T2 Tea, and Bradley Blyth of flybuys:

  • personalisation
  • regulation


As customers are getting more used to an immediate and personal online experience, the demands for everyone to provide such experiences are increasing. Business systems increasingly moving into automated processed and incorporating AI still need to give a human experience to customers.


Europe’s GDPR regulations forced global changes to business operations. Though costly, I saw it also bring a lot more consciousness to handling stored data.
And now, similar to Europe, California’s CCPA goes in to effect January 1, 2020. These regulations require serious attention; automation might help manage bid data in your business.

2020 vision

I also saw this past week a lot of support for managers to gear up now so there is momentum for growth in 2020 starting with the new year. This might mean implementing new business systems to your process. It might be upgrading you find most appropriate.

We do believe integrated management of main business processes will help you serve your clients at world-class levels.

This article is a quick read; and a great way to kick-start you thinking about the new year. Here’s to 2020 vision!

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