What you gonna do with all that… Data?

I’ve noticed one aspect about successful ERP, CRM, and WMS installations or upgrades that is often overlooked, or not given enough emphasis, is storage and access to data. We all get excited when we see information from different departments and operations quickly called up, analyzed, and integrated into a smoothly run business operation. And let’s not forget the ease of recovery when things do go wrong. Hey, we’re still human. Best to acknowledge mistakes and accidents will happen, and implement systems of recovery. And what supports these business operation systems? Data!

You need a solid storage system as a part of your business operation. It needs fail-safe systems; backups and access are of key importance. How much attention to storage are you giving to your implemented business processes. There are many IT individuals I can introduce you to who attempted to call attention to a data storage system in need of upgrading, and their calls went unheeded — always another priority and/or expense to push the call aside… until a real emergency occurs. Penny wise; pound foolish.

An article we read today about Chapman University’s storage upgrade was very encouraging; reading that Chapman U “expects to cut storage management burden by 95 percent”. This article shows the amazing benefits of a well thought-out data storage system as an integral part of automated processes.

The article is obviously showcasing Pure Storage. And we think it is a good read to help strengthen the importance and benefits of a best of class data storage system. Upgrades, data access, backups and cloning, are key to any business process.

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