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WMS Voice Tech: Tried and true comes through

With so much going on with the advancements of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), it is easy to overlook “older” technologies when looking for solutions. Yet often the tried and true is just the WMS solution needed.

I usually am not looking to the restaurant industry for articles of interest. Have a look at best casino games online. However, I came across an article by Diane Rand, associate editor of DC Velocity and Supply Chain Quarterly, regarding the Atlanta-based restaurant chain Huddle House. They are running their own distribution center for 350 restaurants in 23 states.

Picking errors was impacting the bottom line of their shipping costs. They were also losing customers due to menu items being unavailable due to lack of inventory.

It was obvious to upper management that they needed an upgrade to their current WMS in their DC. More research showed them that a voice system would fit the need perfectly.

Huddle House decided to use Voiteq, a company we recommend, and saw their picking errors drop 53 percent. They now have a picking accuracy rate at 99.999 percent… and happy customers.

The tried and true comes through.

(complete article – PDF)

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