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Systems and Knowledge

ORG has hundreds of happy customers globally, spanning a wide range of industries, company sizes and business needs. We’ve been doing what we love for a long time—and our experience is your asset. We not only can guide and implement off-the-shelf solutions for your business systems, we can also program unique solutions that co-exist with your current ones. The end result being an increase in reliability and efficiency in a way that fits your way-of-business.

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Effective inventory management is at the core of supply chain management excellence. Management of inventory—including raw materials as well as the finished product—in-process, partner inventories and more, truly sits at the intersection of demand and supply. Companies are facing new issues that are adding to supply chain network complexity. ORG brings solutions for the greatest positive impact on your supply chain success.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Knowing the lifespan of your customers from lead generation to conversion is crucial for maintaining good customer service. CRM systems allow for the flow of communication for broadcasting messages from product defects to conference attendance. Having collaborative communication across your sales, marketing and customer service groups enhances the view of your customers life cycle.

When automation and workflow are added many of the mundane tasks of the normal day to day activity that occurs, dashboards and controls can keep your company in a proactive rather than reactive mode. CRM is easy to extend by adding custom fields and reporting to address the specific needs of your organization. Engage more frequently with your Customers with newsletters, new product offerings and company communications.

And of course this all communicates to your user’s desktop Outlook experience in order to track tasks, appointments and emails. Automatic synchronization of Outlook items can occur either within CRM or by connecting them within Outlook. No more individual silo repositories across your company. Maintain one location to update your contacts and business organization partners and propagate the information from desktop to CRM to ERP.

lot traceability

Lot Traceability

Strong lot tracing functionality can be the difference between recalling millions vs. recalling thousands or less. In order for lot traceability to be cost effective it should be built into the normal workflow of the manufacturing process. Lot traceability enables you to maximize quality control through the tracking and replacement of any defective materials. It caters for the tracking of materials through their receipt, manufacture, assembly, inspection, stocking and final distribution, while maintaining quality assurance certification and tracking expiration dates. It also manages product recalls efficiently and effective. ORG will help you choose the right software and services to support your lot tracking and help you close the gaps in your current processes.

Moving business to the Cloud

For many SMBs, choosing Software as a Service (SaaS) provides the benefits of an enterprise-class solution without the enterprise IT budget. SaaS lets you pay a monthly fee to use the software and remote infrastructure. Thus, avoiding a much larger cost to purchase and support software and hardware.

Cloud applications can keep your business up and running, even during a disaster such as a hurricane, by providing business continuity and disaster recovery options that exceed those available from traditional IT.

Quality & Compliance

Many companies find themselves with regulatory, compliance and reporting requirements. For those organizations who are looking to move from a burdensome and error prone paper based system, Syspro Quality Management offers an integrated solution for tracking Validation, Health and Safety, Employee Training and Certifications, Document Control, Supplier Management, Auditing and Inspection. A cohesive system streamlines the ISO and Compliance certification process.

The system is highly configurable for your specific business needs. Workflow along with notification processes ensure timely corrective and preventive actions are taken improving your product quality and helping to drive down costs.

Improve your companies efficiency by connection all of your departments into a collaborative view of quality assurance.

eCommerce Integration

A vital aspect of most companies’ marketing and sales presence these days is having an eCommerce offering. Fortunately there are many ways to achieve this – from ‘in house’ developments, to using commercial platforms such as Magento, or even hosted solutions. This wide range of options has its challenges though—how can these offerings be integrated with the vital inventory control, accounting and order fulfillment and shipping functions needed to run an efficient operation.

There are a myriad of ways to capture information generated by the eCommerce platform and also many ways to feedback status and update inventory and pricing information. The key is that the integration enhances the overall operations of the business without unduly stressing the organization, without hampering the online operations, but not at a cost that reduces the efficiency of the business.

Finding the correct balance and implementing the appropriate solution to integrate components of the company operations is a vital step in the long term success of the company. ORG brings you the right solutions, because we build the appropriate solution with you.

Business Intelligence

You know that report writing challenges even the most experienced person; yet businesses rely on proper reports for daily functions. Whether it is in-house reports and communications for multiple departments—or to meet your customers’ needs, ORG’s team helps numerous businesses produce simple reports in a format that the user requires and understands. Let us bring our expertise to simplify this process for you.